Coloring pages Bats

Do you think that a bat is such a special animal? On these coloring pages you can see what bats look like. Don't you think its big eyes in that little head are cute? A bat is like a dog with wings. Some species are therefore called flying dogs. Bats are awake at night, but sleep during the day. In the night they hunt insects. They cannot see them with their eyes. But they do make small, high-pitched cries. Such a cry collides with a mosquito, for example, and is echoed back to the bat. Just like an echo in a hallway. In this way the bat knows exactly where it needs to be. Don't you think bats are so cute, but are in fact terrifying? That can be fun too!

Do you want another coloring page that will give you the creeps? There are also Halloween coloring pages. If you don't like creepy you can also choose another animal. For example a monkey, dinosaur or cats. There are many more animals to color in!