Hello Kitty coloring pages

Who doesn’t know the always jolly Kitty White? This cheerful girl, better known as Hello Kitty, has been loved by children for years. You can learn a lot of new things from the fun videos you can watch online. Kitty is a white cat with a red ribbon who goes on a lot of adventures with her cat Charmmy Kitty and her friends, squirrely Rory, sheep Piano and mouse Flat. You can find coloring pictures of Hello Kitty below. Pick the one you like! These coloring pictures of Hello Kitty are great for toddlers.

Print your favorite Hello Kitty coloring picture and start coloring. Use pens or pencils, or both! Create the most beautiful coloring picture and hang it in your room or give it to your friend as a present. Color other animated characters? Check out the coloring pictures of Dora or Bob the Builder and his friends!