Coloring pages Mothersday

Is Mother's Day such a special day for you? Once a year, you think of a nice surprise for your mother. That is the second Sunday in May. At school you make a present. You can also make a nice card, write something sweet or pick flowers from the garden. At home you can also do something special. Make your own bed, for example, or do some other odd jobs around the house. Because Mother's Day is at the weekend, mothers sometimes get breakfast in bed. Do you know what your mother likes? A nice freshly squeezed juice, a boiled egg in a homemade egg cup? There is bound to be someone who will help you with this. Or would you prefer to color in a fun coloring page? That will probably cheer up your mother too!

No flowers in the garden? Then choose a cheerful coloring page with flowers to give away on Mother's Day. color it in!