Pluto coloring pages

Are you a big fan of Pluto? Pluto is a cute dog in the Disney cartoons and comics. He first appeared in 1930 in the cartoon The Chain Gang and was then called Rover. He owes his current name Pluto to the planet that was discovered in the same year. Pluto became known as Minnie Mouse's pet, but not much later he got a new owner: Mickey Mouse. In most stories Pluto can be seen as Mickey Mouse's faithful dog, but sometimes Mickey Mouse is not in the picture. Then Pluto gets into trouble with Chip and Dale or with other dogs.

Fancy coloring? Below you'll find fun Pluto coloring pages. Click on your favorite coloring page, print it and color it in! If all that coloring won't get you anywhere: here you'll find cute Mickey Mouse coloring pages and Chip and Dale coloring pages!